Apple Boxes

Preparting for a trip to San Francisco next week, I’ve just ordered a new case for my iPad 3 (no longer the “new” model), and I fell asleep last night listening to a podcast discussion of iPad keyboards and the inadvisability of traveling with an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard that’s unprotected. The podcaster, David Sparks of Mac Power Users, recommended the $29.95 Incase Origami Workstation as an essential road-warrior shield for the keyboard.

Instead, for my trip I plan to repurpose the beautiful, compact, and chastely white little box that the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard was packaged inside when I bought it. It’s only an inch or two wider than the admirably diminutive keyboard itself. Most Apple products arrive in containers every bit as minimal and elegant as the devices themselves. I can never bear to throw these boxes away, even though I’ve rarely repacked and sold a used Apple product before breaking it or wearing it out. In this case, the fetish will serve me well.

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